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GWRRA Newsletters Duane Motley's Mother

Sent March 11th 2015

It is with deepest regrets to inform you that Duane Motley's mother passed away yesterday.  She was being cared for by Duane and Nancy at their home at the time.  There will be no services for her locally.  Duane and Nancy will be traveling to Flint, Michigan for the services. They will relying on our support upon their return. Please off your best attentions and prayers in their travels. ...

GWRRA Newsletters NH/VT District Newsletter

Sent October 13th 2014

​Hello All, Here is the NH/VT Districts Newsletter for October 2014.  Enjoy Ed Heath NH/VT District Director ...

GWRRA Newsletters Message

Sent May 3rd 2014

The May Newsletter is here and I think Mike has done another great job.  You can pick it up my clicking on GETNewsletter I also want to thank everyone that showed up at the VFW Post in Fariport to help Nancy create a very nice tribute to our armed forces that will be shown during the Ride In that we are hosting just a few more weekends away.  I know I am looking forward to the event.  If you haven't yet, now is the time to send in your registration forms.   Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I hop...

GWRRA Newsletters Pa Lottery Results

Sent April 12th 2014

Latest winners of the Pennsylvania Lottery tickets; DATE NUMBER  NAME DISTRICT       CHAPTER  Amount 1-Apr-14 900 Pa Ch W Pa/W $50 2-Apr-14 877 PA CH T Pa/T $100 3-Apr-14 764 not sold   $50 4-Apr-14 343 New Jersey District NJ $50 5-Apr-14 321 NJ CH D NJ/D $100 6-Apr-14 425 not sold   $100 7-Apr-14 883 PA CH T Pa/T $50 8-Apr-14 182 Cathy Kelley MD/H $50 9-Apr-14 528 Ellen Nadeau ME/D $100 --  ...

GWRRA Newsletters Chapter D April Newsletter

Sent April 9th 2014

Okay, here is Chapter NY-D's April Newsletter.  Some more good reading. Is it riding time, yet? The next couple days should let some of you get out on the road.  Unfortunately, I cannot yet ride, as my shoulder has not sufficiently recovered from surgery for me to feel safe on the bike.  Here's hoping that will change before May, at least. Keep the shiny side up, folks. Gary & Donna Cork Assistant District Directors New York State ...

GWRRA Newsletters Chapter T April Newsletter

Sent April 9th 2014

Dave and Linda Fletcher send their regards along with their April Newsletter.  Lots of good reading attached. Get ready to ride! Gary & Donna Cork Assistant District Directors New York State ...

GWRRA Newsletters Chapter D's March Newsletter

Sent April 9th 2014

Sorry for my delay, but here is Chapter NY-D's March newsletter!  They distribute their newsletter at the end of the month, whereas most of the chapters distribute theirs at the beginning.  And that's alright. The important thing is that we get their news... Happy reading! Gary & Donna Cork Assistant Directors New York State ...

GWRRA Newsletters Chapter X April Newsletter

Sent April 9th 2014

Thank you, Kurt Repsher, for an excellent Rider Ed article in this newsletter!  Ya'll please consider reading his article, well written and in time for spring riding. And it's great to hear someone touting that when we take unnecessary risks when riding (or doing anything else, for that matter), when we do get hurt, it's not just us who suffers.  Our family members are directly impacted, as well.  I've made that point in my latest District newsletter article, which I also encourage you to read, about &q...

GWRRA Newsletters Chapter NY-N April Newsletter

Sent April 9th 2014

More great reading.  Be sure to scroll through the entire newsletter, to see all the advertisements and the rally registration flyers and forms that are out there... Get ready to ride! Gary & Donna Cork Assistant Directors New York State ...

GWRRA Newsletters Message

Sent April 9th 2014

Okay, everyone, we gotta pull together and think "SPRING!", _big time_, to keep Ron from getting too depressed about the less-than-springy weather we're getting... Ron, we're here for you, so don't worry, we'll get this spring weather here in no time! By the way, did you hit a deer?  We hope everyone is okay, as well as your vehicle... It's great that someone benefited from the deer meat. Gary & Donna Cork Assistant Directors New York District ...

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